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Hello all. My name is Ryan and this is my first public blog ever.

GOAL: The goal of this blog is to catalog my training for a half marathon and the weight loss I achieve through diet change and exercising.

Don't think that sounds interesting? it's not, people do that everyday. But this is my journey and this blog is really more for me anyways.

About me: I currently work as a computer security programmer and incident response guy. I spend 8-16 hours a day behind a computer working with little to no breaks. i'm 25, 5'6" and 255 pounds right now(1/30/12) (Picture proof from 9/6/11) and I have to run the half marathon in California, in August, on asphalt (8 months from now).  Ya that kind of explosion capability is only found in Michael Bay movies.

let me fill you in on some background and my overall plan:

background:  last weekend (1/21/12) my wife (wife's blog) decides that for her 25th birthday she wants to do something she has never done before, a half marathon. now to my knowledge my wife has never run a mile in her life and i havent run in years (6 or so) so this could be the death of me. I told her if its something she really wants to do for her 25th then i will train with her and run it with her and best case scenario we finish the marathon and still have energy left over to ride a few roller coasters, worst case scenario my bday gift to her will be making her a widow as my body will be found somewhere on the pavement in Disney land by the clean up crew haha

My goals:
  1. lose 50+ pounds
  2. run the 13 miles before the half marathon to prove i can do it
  3. make a life style change to an over all healthier life

Lets start this biznitch!