Thursday, February 2, 2012

day 4 - rest day

i've been told by my trainer (aka wife) that we need a rest day. So today after work I am going to the bar with some coworkers and see how my self control holds up.

yesterday was a challenge at lunch because my coworkers found out i was on a diet and decided to buy cake and ice cream and whatever else they could and eat it in front of me saying how good it was and all of that crap....then i had to pass up ice cream day with some other coworkers that ive been doing almost every Wednesday for a a year..that was hard.

another update, my wife was published in a magazine for her quilts! check out her blog  to read the article.

breakfast today was the usual V8 fusion, slimfast shake, and green tea. So far so good with holding my resolve to eat healthier low fat foods to help me lose weight.

lets hope my resolve holds out tonight.

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